The Mexican Centers for Energy Innovation are an initiative of the Ministry of Energy and the National Council of Science and Technology, through the Energy Sustainability Fund (ESF), aligned to the following needs:

  • The use of renewable energy.

  • The consolidation and linkage of existing scientific and technological capacities in these subjects.

  • The training of specialized human resources.

  • Strengthening research infrastructure.

This initiative is based on some of the best practices implemented in other countries, and based on the premise of promoting an innovative model. The MCIE projects are the first stone in the paradigm shift on the research and technological development of the energy sector in Mexico.

Among the main functions of MCIE are:

  • Medium and long term scientific and technological planning focused on developing and exploiting each of the renewable energies.

  • The development of a portfolio of projects and strategic actions that allow obtaining results of value for the country's energy sector.

  • The training of specialized human resources.

  • The academia-industry linkage.


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